Family Trip to Kauai

My dad, with logistical support from my stepmom Gayle, treated our three kids (and my wife Jen and me) to a two-day trip to The Garden Island. The mission? To show us around Kauai and to teach us about our family history on the Ozawa side.

My grandfather came to Hawaii from Japan to serve as a Buddhist minister in Hanapepe. He was put in an internment camp after the attack on Pearl Harbor, and my dad was actually born in Tule Lake, California. But they returned to the islands continue to diligently serve the Japanese community, my dad growing up on Kauai before the family moved to Waipahu on Oahu.

Kauai Trip 2016
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Hawaii Snapchat Directory

Snapchat is huge. Snapchat is also a confusing and sometimes frustrating app to use. Some say it's badly designed specifically to keep old people like me out. But I've still developed quite a fondness for it. The challenge? Finding other Snapchat users to follow. Sure, I can find celebrities behaving badly, but what about everyday people? What about fellow Snapchat users in Hawaii?

After starting a list of local Snapchat users just to be able to recommend them to people new to the app, I decided to just put the list online so anyone can follow local Snapchat Stories. @hisnaps on Instagram or Twitter (so far) is a Hawaii Snapchat Directory. Just point your Snapchat camera at the snapcode to add them!

Check it out!

Want to be added? Just send me your snapcode! #snapcode #snapchat #hisnaps #hawaii

Space Is Hard

Hawaii was poised to join a select group of spacefaring U.S. states tonight. Alas, the milestone was not to be. Hopefully we'll get there.

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Whatever happened, it’s a painful setback for the ORS program, which was developing the SuperStrypi and its rail launcher system to get up to 300 kilograms of payload into space for under $20 million. The U.S. Air Force was working with the University of Hawaii, which handled payload development and project management of the rail launcher and launch pad. #SuperStrypi

First Hawaii Space Launch Carrying UH Payload Fails
The first attempted orbital launch from Hawaii failed this evening. The U.S. Air Force-led Operationally Responsive Space mission, ORS-4, launched the islands’ first space-bound rocket from t…