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Seeking Fellow Hawaii Ingress Resistance Fighters

Okay, so all the cool kids (+Ed White, +Dallas Nagata White, +Jerome Koehler, +Gabriel Yanagihara, +Kaeo Kepani, and many more) are on the side of the Enlightened. And as a new #Ingress  player in #Hawaii , I'm not likely to be able to turn to them for much help getting started. But I can take a page from their well-organized playbook and try to find fellow members of the Resistance in Hawaii.

If you're playing, consider joining the community or the Facebook group:

I don't have an #IngressInvite  to share, but when I do, I'm happy to pledge my first to those who vow to go blue!

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New Year's Mochi Making at Jodo Mission of Hawaii

One of my favorite annual New Year's traditions is mochitsuki, or mochi making, which takes place at Japanese community centers, Buddhist temples, and even in homes. Today the +Jodo Mission of Hawaii held its mochitsuki, and while there was the traditional pounding with wooden mallets (kine) in a traditional mortar (usu) for good luck, the temple turned to its 50-year-old machine and dozens of volunteers to turn out the hundreds of pounds of mochi that's sold to the community each year.

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Exploring Android (Again)

Though I'd been out of the Android ecosystem since my Nexus One, a good deal on a Nexus 7 on Craigslist yesterday has me eagerly exploring the latest and greatest. Among them is certainly +Ingress.

Local Android guru and island #Ingress  leader +Ed White told me to seek an #IngressInvite  with a memorable message. So here's one I made on the beach in Hawaii today, a message from the end of the Earth, to mark the end of the "end of the world." So, +Brandon Badger, +Jen Hsieh, +Brian Rose and friends at +Google… Do hashtags work in real life? Aloha!

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If you're leaving Instagram, consider going (back) to Flickr!

If you're not paying for it, you're the product. It's true for every "free" social service out there, which survives by selling you to advertisers. So it's no surprise that Instagram revised its terms of service to add advertising, on the heels of cutting off embed support on Twitter. They want all the eyeballs, and they want to monetize them.

I'm not quitting Instagram over #Instagate, but I know many people who are. If you're among them, give Flickr another look. With Marissa Meyer at the helm, revitalizing the once-preeminent photo sharing site is clearly a priority. They just released an updated mobile app that's a joy to use. And I'm already reconnecting with long-lost Flickr users as well as newcomers.

Look for me on Flickr at

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Instagram backlash is Flickr’s gain
Popular photo sharing service Instagram is facing a user backlash after the company revealed new terms of service this week. The fine print, that takes effect on January 16th, is the first big…

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Aloha, Senator Daniel Inouye

"The son of Japanese immigrants, Inouye grew up in Honolulu, where he was teaching a first aid course at age 17 when Pearl Harbor was attacked.  He enlisted in the Army in 1943, when it dropped its ban on Japanese Americans.

Promoted to sergeant, he fought in Italy and France. On April 21, 1945, while leading an assault in Italy against the Germans, Inouye was shot in the stomach. He nonetheless attacked and destroyed two machine gun nests before being even more severely wounded, losing his right arm. He was awarded the Medal of Honor.

A senator since 1963, Inouye in 2009 became chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, where he continued a long record of helping fund projects in his home state. From 1998 to 2003, he steered $1.4 billion to military projects in Hawaii…"

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Hawaii’s nine-term senator, Daniel Inouye, dies at 88
WASHINGTON – Sen. Daniel Inouye of Hawaii, the second-longest-serving senator in U.S. history and winner of the Medal of Honor for combat heroics in World War II , has died, his office announced in…

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Former Gizmodo editor runs new web venture from Hawaii

David Carr of +The New York Times profiles +brian lam, who quit the pageview rat race at +Gizmodo to start a new publishing venture: +The Wirecutter, a list of recommended gadgets that publishes maybe twelve times a month, rather than a day. And he's running this site from Hawaii, where he moved simply "because he loves surfing."

Read about Brian's new approach to sustainable web publishing, and check out the great photo of him on the beach, taken by +Kent Nishimura!

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Buffeted by the Web, but Now Riding It
Digital technology has overwhelmed many of those who sought to master it. Brian Lam was both a prince and casualty of it.

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Google Maps for iOS is now available

I'm a huge Apple fanboy, but no question, their Maps product is a disaster. Many said Google would gloat, and they surely could have. Many doubted that they'd make a new app for iOS, and many doubted that Apple would approve it. But it looks like it happened, and faster than I would've guessed.

Google Maps for iOS is now out, and it looks great. Clean and bright and with features the Apple-built Google-powered Maps app never had. Voice search, turn-by-turn navigation with voice prompts, Google Street View, traffic data, and transit data (albeit not in Honolulu yet, it appears).

Sweet geek release. I'm glad it's back. I hope Apple eventually catches up, or just buys someone with a head start, but for now, Google rules mapping.

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Christmas at the office

My coworkers go absolutely bonkers for the holidays. In addition to community service projects, such as donation drives for the Institute for Human Services next door, Nearly every corner of the office is decked out in Christmas stuff.

I was the first person in this morning, and couldn't resist working by Christmas light for a little bit.

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