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Walking Around Honolulu with Ingress

In album

According to the Moves app on iOS, I've walked at least 10,000 steps every day since last Friday… and it's all because of the Android-only app Ingress.

I've long obsessed over geolocation apps (the last time I walked all over creation was when Gowalla came out). This one is a lot of fun, surprisingly social, and taking people to some interesting spots around the island (the landmarks, or "portals," are often public art, historic buildings, and libraries).

I'm already "Level 6" out of 8. And I want to make "Level 8."

Here's an AllThingsD story on the game:


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Law Would Ban Employers from Asking for Social Media Passwords

This bill seems well-intentioned, but messy. With all the disclaimers noting that it doesn't override existing state and federal laws, is it even necessary?

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Two Hawaii Senate committees this week advanced a bill that would forbid employers from demanding that their employees (or potential employees) turn over the passwords to their Facebook and other social media accounts.

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Hawaii Law Would Ban Employer Access to Social Media Accounts

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Guy Toyama fund established to offer grants, scholarships

I was honored to know and work with +Guy Toyama, a tech and sustainability leader on the Big Island. He was a great guest on +Bytemarks Cafe, and I was honored to help him and +Julie Ziemelis at the first TechConKona last August.

Guy died suddenly and unexpectedly in November at the age of 42. But his name and legacy will live on thanks to family, friends, and community members who are establishing the Guy Toyama Memorial Fund. They've set a fundraising target of $1 million, with a kickoff event set for next month.

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Guy Toyama Memorial Fund to support sustainability, entrepreneurship — Hawaii Star
A new memorial fund seeks to raise $1 million to honor the life and legacy of Hawaii visionary Guy Toyama. Sustainability grants and scholarships will foster positive change worldwide.

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Once-A-Year Treat: Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Each Valentine's Day, +Padovani's Chocolates makes the best chocolate-covered strawberries in town. These aren't oil- and preservative-filled creations, but fresh, hand-dipped delicacies. They have to be pre-ordered, so many people miss out on them. So I made this video, which I hope I can remember to post next January as a reminder.

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My first Ingress battle! Well, kind of

I caught hoapili knocking out my resonators, and very briefly captured the portal back after he knocked them all out, but I couldn't keep up. He built it all the way back up, and I ended up wasting nearly all my XMP blasters just to win it back. For maybe a little while.

I know I'm no match for you, hoapili, and this won't stand… but thanks for the fun afternoon!

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Hawaii Public Radio streaming app for iPhone

The new Hawaii Public Radio streaming app for iPhone is here! It's incredibly simple, with one-tap access to live broadcasts on HPR-1 and HPR-2. Kudos to +Jason Tag, and development partners Denise and Henrik Van Ryzin of Big D TV.

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Get HPR on the App Store. See screenshots and ratings, and read customer reviews.

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