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State of Hawaii updates its official website

The State of Hawaii has launched its "New User-Centric Mobile Inspired Design." Very modern and clean. The data portal gets an icon, as does "mobile" and "social." Need to do a deeper dive to see where all the original content went. Hat tip, +Russell Castagnaro!

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Exploring Piki, from the makers of

There's no shortage of music sharing and discovery apps, but I like what I see in Piki, an app from the team behind last year's momentary runaway hit Share your favorite songs, listen to samples from your friends' favorite songs, you can "love" them (or "meh" them or "song of the day" them and so on), and share them to Twitter and Facebook.

I like that you can visit someone's profile, and preview their taste, getting a brief montage of their recent shared tracks.

I know Twitter has a music app coming out, which will likely suck the air out of this space for a while. But thumbs up to this startup. I'd be okay if it doesn't take off as fast as, as long as it's growth lets it linger a little longer among geeks.

Piki Goes From Beta To Public As TurnTable Launches Its New Social Network For Music Lovers's Piki for iOS shapes streaming music around friends' tastes

Pandora with friends: Turntable launches Piki, a social radio app for iPhone and web

Ryan Ozawa
Piki is radio powered by people. Listen to Ryan Ozawa’s favorite music including En Vogue, We Are Scientists, Led Zeppelin, They Might Be Giants, Barenaked Ladies.

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Update today! Power Cubes will now work, and I gather they've updated the animations…

Update today! Power Cubes will now work, and I gather they've updated the animations for attacks. Any other things of note you've noticed?

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#Ingress v1.23.1 has been leaked to Google Play, and is rolling out now. Xmp bursts and critical hits have been updated to reflect their true destructive nature. Lynton-Wolfe's Power Cubes are no longer wireframes, and provide an on-demand boost of XM to our Agents on the run.

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Learn how to tap into Hawaii open data with Ruby

+Kyle Oba  of Pas de Chocolat LLC has released the Pipeline tool, an open source Ruby tool for discovering, downloading, and exploring Hawaii Open Data datasets. It uses the Socrata Open Data API (SODA), and wraps everything up with Ruby, allowing for a pleasant programming experience, while also allowing for simple extension.

Okay, I admit, most of this goes way over my head. But if you know Ruby and Github and are eager to dive into the rich data being made available by the Hawaii state government, the Pipeline tool is for you!

#hawaii   #opendata   #opengov   #gov20   #ruby   #github  

Introducing the Hawaii Data Pipeline
I present to you the Hawaii Data Pipeline tool. The quickest way to explore and extract Hawaii Open Data. I’ll refer to it as the Pipeline tool from now on. Fork it on GitHub, or send me a pull reques…

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Mark your calendars for the Hawaii Ingress Meetup on April 21! Members of both factions…

Mark your calendars for the Hawaii Ingress Meetup on April 21! Members of both factions are invited to come down with their crew, bring a tent and some food, and talk Ingress both with hardcore players as well as to spread the word to people who've not yet joined the fight.

Provided Ingress is still in beta then, I have six invite codes to recruit new members. I'm willing to split them three-three for the Resistance and Enlightened, with each group determining how to give them out… provided they're to people at the Hawaii Geek Meet who sign up on the spot.

Please encourage your teammates to attend. We can even have a little fun with the portal on Magic Island. 🙂

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Magic Island Picnic Area #40

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One Second Everyday for March 2013

Against all odds, I've kept up with my +1 Second Everyday video project for three months. One moment a day since January 1, recapping the year to date in 90 seconds. I think app developer +Cesar Kuriyama has created something special, and I'm impressed by how interesting watching these #1se  videos are, even when they're of other peoples' lives. Because I'm sure only I'm the one who, for each one second clip in my own video, can instantly recall the whole picture, the full scene, the complete memory.

Learn more here:

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