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Get $20 Toward your first Uber ride in Honolulu

The Uber black car service has soft launched in Honolulu. Now you can summon a stylish ride with your smartphone, get to where you need to go, without hassle or fumbling with cash. And to help the service get started, you can get a $20 credit with the promo code 'ozawa'. I'll get a bit of credit, too!

#uber   #honolulu   #hawaii

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Ingress is Everywhere

Checking out of our hotel in San Diego, we got into the elevator with "Lemurz2," a member of the Resistance in San Francisco. She recognized the Ingress shirt my wife was wearing. Her SDCC costume? A portal. Not pictured was the "COMMs" she also made for the con. We were
both glad for the Friday meetup at Stout, since we had to leave
San Diego before the big meetup today in Balboa Park.

#Ingress #IngressResistance #SDCC #SanDiego

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