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Hawaii hosts first 'IconLocal' to benefit homeless service providers

Hawaii hosts first 'IconLocal' to benefit homeless service providers

Earlier this year, 'The Noun Project' introduced the concept of an 'IconLocal,' regional events modeled after its 'Iconathon' gatherings. This past weekend, Honolulu hosted the first ever 'IconLocal,' which brought together designers, developers, civic hackers, activists and community service providers to assist the homeless and the people who help them.

The Noun Project is a movement to develop simple, universal, public domain symbols and icons to inform and guide the public across a variety of issues. Sunday's event was the first and key step to creating a visual language to bridge language and other barriers for people in need.

The event was organized by +Hawaii Open Data, in partnership with the Institute for Human Services, the governor's Interagency Council for Homelessness, and the Hawaii Community Development Authority.

+Burt Lum worked long and hard to find the right partners for this unique workshop. Thanks also to +Benjamin Trevino and +Angelica Rabang for rallying local designers to apply their talents to a good cause.

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Hawaii Ingress Cross-Faction Picnic

In album Hawaii Ingress Cross-Faction Picnic

The 'Enlightened' (Frogs) and 'Resistance' (Smurfs) came together in Honolulu for a cross-faction potluck picnic at Kapiolani Park. Once again the Enlightened had a strong turnout, and kicked butt with their grilling… but we all shared what we had, and a good time was had by all!

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