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Calling Hawaii high school computer and tech teachers!

On Saturday, Sept. 21, 2013+Cyber Hui will host a "Cyber Scrimmage," an information security and cyber defense challenge for high school students. Similar to the "CyberPatriot" competition, participants will securing operating systems (Windows 2008 Server and Windows 7) against attack and conduct network and computer forensics.

The scrimmage is open to all high schools (limit one team per school), and the location of the event will be virtual (the notoriously hard to find campus of Kukui High School). 

The deadline to register is Sept. 16, 2013 or when 20 teams have signed up. For more information, visit the link!

About Cyber Hui
Cyber Hui is a community of Hawaii cybersecurity professionals dedicated to sharing skills and knowledge with high school and college students.

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2013 Hawaii Cyber Scrimmage – Cyber-Hui

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Dancers at the Okinawan Festival

Is the third time the charm with this video upload? It went from being a casual and quick share from Kapiolani Park to a stubborn project. The thumbnail showed up fine, but it said "Video processing…" for over a day. Seeing if this works better from the desktop.
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