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My Favorite Facebook Feature

I hate Facebook. But I spend a lot of time on Facebook. The people I like are there, so I hang out there, like that crummy theme restaurant that just happens to be the most conveniently located for everyone to meet.

But one upside of the constant tweaking Facebook does to its news feed is the recent ability to block specific link sources. Goodbye Upworthy, Buzzfeed, ViralNova… the less this crap is in my feed, the more of my actual friends I get to see.

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Drones in Hawaii Skies

This morning on +Hawaii News Now, +Burt Lum and I talked to Dan Cooke and the Sunrise team about Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), or drones. The technology is increasingly accessible, but rules regulating their use are still coming together. Commercial use has been banned since 2007, with the FAA required to incorporate them into the nation's airspace by 2015.

Tomorrow we'll have an in-depth conversation about drones in Hawaii on +Hawaii Public Radio with Jim Crisafulli (Director at Hawaii Office of Aerospace Development), Todd Stellanova (Dronehaus) and Ted Ralston. Tune in at 5 p.m. to HPR2 89.3FM, streaming live at, or available after the show as a podcast!
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City Mill After Hours

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My wife +Jennifer Ozawa recently started working as a cashier at City Mill in Mililani, part of a local chain of hardware stores that's been around for over a century (and that has handily survived the arrival of big box mainland competitors). This past weekend they hosted a new year's family night so employees could bring their spouses and kids to meet and talkstory. It was great to meet her coworkers, and it was also interesting to be in the store after it closed up shop for the day.

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Happy Birthday, Katie!

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Got to spend Sunday with my daughter +Katie Ozawa on her 16th birthday, first going to Mass and the +Jodo Mission of Hawaii for some blessings, and then to Ala Moana Center for a full day of shopping. Seems like only yesterday I was swaddling her in a tiny blanket… now she's a smart, sweet, occasionally snarky and unabashedly geeky young lady.
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Sherlock Screening at Ward Theaters

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The U.S. Premiere of the third season of the hit BBC series "Sherlock" is this Sunday, but +PBS Hawaii and +Consolidated Theatres Hawaii collaborated to host an advance screening of the season premiere at Ward Theaters. I was surprised at the number of people that turned out for what I thought was a fairly obscure event (and the high-percentage of people that pre-paid for 'Priority' access), but the mass global appeal of the show was fully demonstrated here in Honolulu.

I didn't take a picture of the full theater, by the way, but it was pretty packed. The screening had to be bumped to this larger theater to accommodate everyone!

Congratulations to +Liberty Peralta and her PBS Hawaii Team along with her counterparts at Consolidated for a great event. Seeing a TV show on the big screen is a treat, and this particular episode was even better seen alongside hundreds of fellow fans, laughing and cheering along.

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Honolulu clear homeless camp in Iwilei

In what is now a familiar site across Honolulu's urban core, a homeless encampment in Iwilei was cleared by the Honolulu Police Department and city crews. This homeless camp is located less than a block from the Institute for Human Services, Hawaii's largest homeless services agency.

One tent, then several tents, finally semi-permanent structures with furniture eventually pushed pedestrians into the road, and with a new senior high-rise nearing completion across the street, the action was inevitable.

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Molokai plane crash caught on video

Ferdinand Puentes, one of the passengers aboard the Makani Kai flight that crashed of Molokai last month, was carrying a GoPro  camera. ABC News obtained the video and KITV says it has an exclusive on its broadcast.

This sort of thing is going to be increasingly common as people not only carry cameras wherever they go, but as more devices are designed to be capturing data all the time.
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Deadly plane crash caught on camera
The crash off Molokai that killed State Health Director Loretta Fuddy is captured in chilling detail by a passenger who was on board. KITV4’s Brenton Awa has the video that ABC News obtained and only KITV is authorized to show.

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