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How to clean a lot of LEGO?

In album 3/30/14

We have several five gallon buckets full of LEGO. Anyone with similar volumes knows how these collections gather all manner of… objectionable debris over the years. My god.

Finally attempting to clean 'em via a rough rinse in the driveway, followed by the delicate cycle in the washer with some Simple Green. But stumped by how to dry them all. Anyone else with experience in mass LEGO cleaning? Any advice?
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Hawaii Geek Beat: Secret, Cloak, Threes/2048 Apps

This week's Hawaii Geek Beat highlighted a couple of "anti-social" social apps and a mobile game category that's sweeping the nation.

Secret (like Whisper) gives people a platform to dish (and diss) anonymously, with a twist. Cloak claims to help you avoid "friends" you don't really want to see. And "2048" took an idea popularized by "Threes" and sparked a rash of tile-matching spinoffs.

The segment continues to highlight awkward dancing, but at least this time +Burt Lum and I were able to share the spotlight with people (and robots) from the +Honolulu Mini Maker Faire!

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Checking Out 'Da Poke Shack' in Kona

In album Da Poke Shack in Kailua-Kona

After a work luncheon in Kona yesterday, my boss +Colleen Yasuhara and I decided to check out 'Da Poke Shack,' the number one restaurant in America… according to Yelp. Colleen ordered one of every variety of ahi poke. It was fresh (sliced and prepped on the spot), and many varieties were standouts. My favorites were the classic shoyu and the "Shack Special" (sweet furikake). The inamona (roasted kukui nut) was also good. 
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Paradise by the Tail Light

In album 3/17/14

Replacing the tail light on my 2012 Mazda 3. For someone with no demonstrable mechanical skills, it was a modest achievement… particularly since the replacement part didn't come with instructions. Finding my way into the backside of the trunk was quite an adventure (and I cracked one of the plastic tacks before figuring out how they worked).
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Adventurers Tropical Treehouse

In album Adventurers Tropical Treehouse

Also known as, 'Real Estate in Hawaii Makes People Crazy.' Found on Craigslist (via Reddit r/Hawaii), this "Adventurers Tropical Treehouse" is available in Kaimuki. Rent is $1,295/mo. for 450 square feet… built right on top of a house. I doubt this is up to code.

I love how the headline says 'cat friendly' but the description says 'no pets.' I don't doubt that there are 'plenty of views' and 'warm sun' or 'cool breezes' up there!

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Widescreen Upgrade at the Office

Taking a cue from my +Hawaii Information Service coworker +Mike Torres, I snagged an unused monitor and brought another monitor from home to have two wide-screen displays at my desk. I'm already reveling in — and getting lost in — all the windows I can have open. And Google+ finally displays in three columns for me! It was fun finding a panoramic photo that spanned across both screens… can you place the scene?

Findery, Steller and the Honolulu Mini Maker Faire

I keep thinking this whole 'dancing geek' thing will go out of style, but the folks at +Hawaii News Now always find a way to kick it up a notch. Today a pair of Storm Troopers from the Pacific Outpost/501st Legion were recruited to kick off the 'Hawaii Geek Beat' dance.

Hopefully, our stunning display of dancing talent (or lack thereof) lulls the audience into a receptive daze, allowing us to share some cool tech.

Today +Burt Lum and I featured two beautiful storytelling apps: +Findery by +Caterina Fake, and Steller by +Mark Lucovsky (coming to the App Store on March 13). Finally, we previewed the first +Honolulu Mini Maker Faire, taking place at 'Iolani School this Saturday.

Our New Ride

In album 3/1/14

Whew. A little upgrade-slash-downsize. Feeling like a grown up. From research to test drives to fending off salespeople at three lots, to comparison shopping for financing… it's time to retire our big blue boat of a van (2001 Chrysler Voyager), let my mom use her own Honda Fit again, and drive something newer and fuel-efficient to work every day.

It's a 2012 Mazda 3 i Sport, 28,000 miles, well under Blue Book. I settled on the model, +Jennifer Ozawa picked the color!

I really fell for it, even though when I started I was looking at Versas, Sentras, Corrollas. (And a bright green Fiesta.) But this thing was fun to drive, not merely sensible.

Beep beep! Not zoom zoom, because I always obey the speed limit. Ahem.