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The Hawaii Geek Meet is Tomorrow!

Calling all geeks! Tomorrow brings Hawaii Geek Meet 2014, the seventh annual grassroots picnic in the park for anyone at the intersection of science, technology, and art. Bring your kids, some food and sunscreen, and stories to tell about your passion!

Here are some photos from past meets:

You can RSVP here on Google+ or on Facebook:

Please join us!

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This is the seventh annual grassroots gathering of geeks of every stripe. Makers, developers, designers, educators, researchers, costumers, dreamers… if you have a passion, love to share it, and love to mix and match talents with other creative people, don't miss the geekiest potluck picnic of the year.

Drone Over Ala Moana Beach Park

My coworker Michael picked up a Phantom 2 Vision+ and took it out for a spin during an Aloha Friday lunch break. We went to Ala Moana Beach Park to get an aerial view of the area, including construction at Ala Moana Center and preparations for the Memorial Day lantern floating at Magic Island.

Music is "I Need Your Lovin'" by Matt Makaha:

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Mililani High School Honors English Debate

In album Great Debate II

I was invited to serve as a judge for the "Great Debate II," the first show debate for the English Honors class at Mililani High School (my alma mater). The question was whether technology enhances or harms our humanity. There was an opening art show, and then the debate, which included opening statements, four arguments, a video presentation, direct rebuttals, and finally a TED talk. It was a showcase of exceptionally bright kids, and a lot of fun. The "negative" or black team won both the art show and the debate.

Event planning tools for summer

This week's Hawaii Geek Beat on +Hawaii News Now looked at ways to get together with friends. +Foursquare has spun off its social layer into a separate app called Swarm. +Eventbrite is +Burt Lum's favorite tool for planning hackathons. And +Andy Baio is turning to +Kickstarter to bring back

Finally, we preview the seventh annual Hawaii Geek Meet, coming June 1 at Magic Island. If you're a geek, love a geek, or want to be more of a geek, come on down!

Learning to code for iOS from scratch

Learning to program is the next item on my bucket list. I started the +iBeginner project to try and learn with friends. And fortunately, one of them is +Christopher Hall, who taught himself to develop mobile apps (both iOS and Android!). Today he posted his first article, and it's good stuff if you have your own dreams of making an app.
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Designing your iOS app: First Steps | iBeginner
Aloha, this is Christopher Hall and I’ll be contributing some guest posts to this blog. I taught myself iOS programming from scratch starting in 2012, so I’ll be sharing some of what I learned during that process. I’ll be highlighting the iPhone app I built for the Hawaii International Film …

'Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot Lands in Hawaii

In album Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot

The grand opening preview dinner and media tasting for Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot, opening at Ward Centre. Hosted by Little Sheep International CEO Michael Wu and Ward Centre location General Manager Yiran Lu. Little Sheep currently has over 300 chain restaurants in China, Japan, South Korea, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.
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