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CivicCelerator: New web tools for Hawaii voters

This morning on +Hawaii News Now, +Burt Lum and I shared new tools designed by volunteer programmers to help island residents follow the money in local politics.

Our organization, +Hawaii Open Data, worked with +Common Cause Hawaii to organize a series of events that connected talented developers with the Campaign Spending Commission. While there is more and more government data being made available, the challenge is making sense of it all. Developers that participated in the CivicCelerator program created novel and useful ways to navigate through campaign finance reports.

We talk about three of the apps that came out of CivicCelerator: +Royce Jones' precinct map and "Power Ballot" app to +Benjamin Trevino's tool to explore campaign contributions, and +Jason Axelson's beautiful visualization of campaign spending. You can try these and other tools out at the following link:

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I Know Where Your Cat Lives… in Hawaii

In album I Know Where Your Cat Lives

"Using images of cats uploaded to photosharing services, including Flickr, Twitpic and Instagram, Mr. Mundy extracted latitude and longitude coordinates that many modern cameras, especially those in smartphones, attach to each image. His site displays random images from a sample of one million of the many millions of pictures tagged with the word “cat” online."
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Ukulele Festival at Kapiolani Park

In album Ukulele Festival 2014

Despite the overnight storm, it was clear skies in Waikiki today for the 44th Annual Ukulele Festival. Once agan, my youngest (Alex, age nine) was among the performers. Before his group went up, we checked out the various tents set up by ukulele manufacturers. There were many beautiful instruments on display!
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The Hawaii Herald goes online

It's a proud day for this journalism grad and sansei (third-generation Japanese American). My company, +Hawaii Information Service, was chosen by The Hawaii Herald to launch and maintain its online edition.

The Herald, launched more than 30 years ago to serve the Japanese American community, has been around for decades, and serves print subscribers in Hawaii and on the mainland. But now they can now reach a global audience. Omedetōgozaimasu!
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The Hawaii Herald

Introducing Hawaii to Ingress on Sunrise

With +Burt Lum out of town, I took on this morning's Hawaii Geek Beat segment on +Hawaii News Now's "Sunrise" on my own (with a valiant fill-in dance cameo by Grace Lee). With this week's long-awaited release of +Ingress on iOS, I seized on the opportunity to introduce Dan Cooke and the rest of Hawaii to the invisible battle raging all around them.

There was a lot that couldn't be crammed into a three-minute segment, and of course I had to frame the conversation around a "game," but I hope I opened at least a few local residents' eyes to this brave new world… and got in a good plug for the #IngressResistance  as well.
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ʻĀina o Hoʻonanea

My coworker +Mike Torres and his family came over to visit with my family at my dad's place in ʻĀina Haina. My dad and stepmom Gayle, who has owned the property for more than 35 years, plan on putting it on the market. Mike offered to capture some images of the place with his aerial multirotor craft from DJI.

My brother +Eathan Ozawa will be listing the property with +Prudential Advantage Realty. My dad calls it "ʻĀina o Hoʻonanea, land of tranquility.

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Ingress for iPhone is 'Imminent'

According to the latest Ingress Report, the iOS version of the +Ingress scanner is coming within days. It's a development that many Android fanboys are protesting, talking about "iSheep" and plotting to run them out of the game. But I think either faction would be stupid to reject a massive new battalion of agents. I, for one, look forward to welcoming many of my fellow iPhone users to the fight to defend humanity.

Here's the official Ingress Report:

And here's information on the Hawaii Resistance group:

Viva la Resistance!

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