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Puna Lava Flow Drone Video

It seems inevitable that someone would film a flyover of the Puna lava flow. In fact, I'm surprised that this is the first one I've seen. Considering the clear value of aerial footage (to date mostly captured by chartered helicopter), small UAVs like DJI's Phantom Vision line equipped with GoPro cameras seem like a pretty efficient way to go.

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Drone video of the Puna lava flow, captured on Saturday, Oct. 25, 2014. #punalavaflow   #puna   #hawaii   #bigisland   #dronevideo   #drones  

David Ige Live Online Coffee Hour

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Love seeing Sen. David Ige, democratic candidate for Hawaii governor, embracing technology as part of his campaign. In his live-streamed interviews, he's using an app from a local startup called +LiveSift. It allows the audience to not only pose questions, but provide feedback on the answers. Kudos to +Chenoa Farnsworth for hosting!
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Will They Come? Tsu Officially Launches

Though people have been talking about it on Google+ for a while, it looks like today was the official launch for Tsū. The +VentureBeat article is appropriately skeptical:

This new social network will pay you for your party pictures and sandwich-eating updates

It's not easy to build a new network from scratch, and I don't think the people who are happy with Facebook will leave Facebook. But Google+ is certainly proof that people are willing to try something new, and some even find it to be a better place. I like ideas that try to change models. Instead of saying "no ads," Tsū says, "you'll get a cut." And while that's probably only pennies a day for even the most active users, it's a better cut than Facebook will give you.

Quite a few of my friends have signed up. Though quite a few also signed up for Ello, and it's a ghost town. (I mean a real ghost town, not like a Google+ "ghost town.") We'll see if this one can build up any momentum.

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Tsū: Another 'Anti-Facebook' Social Network?

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Now making the rounds in my social feeds are invitations to yet another social platform that's not Facebook. I don't know where it came from or who built it, but like recent flash-in-the-pan Ello, their pitch is how they're doing things differently. It's Tsū:

Ello said they won't sell ads or sell your attention, only sell add-on features. Tsū says, "Oh, we WILL sell ads and attention, but any money we make, we'll share with users." Tsū says its cut will be only 10 percent.

It's hard to not smell an MLM or a pyramid scheme in Tsū, since that revenue split is their main pitch. The fact that all sign ups are via invites and tracking who referred whom doesn't help. But Tsū is free, or at least as free as Facebook or Twitter are. And the idea isn't new. Heck, YouTube is probably the only at-scale example of a platform where they sell ads and share some of it with content creators. Why not do the same with a straight-up social network?

And Tsū definitely is a straight-up social network. There's a feed with likes and comments, reposts and hashtags and mentions. It feels very familiar, which can be a good thing and a bad thing. Why deal with Tsū if we already have all this stuff already? But unlike Ello, I'm confident every new user will immediately understand how it works.

Also unlike Ello, Tsū has an app already, on both iOS and Android. I think this is key. It's as easy to get to and browse and get notifications as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and so on. I can see myself checking Tsū much more often compared to Ello, where you need to go there via a web browser when it occurs to you (which in my case is barely more than weekly already).

I don't like that Tsū requires everyone to register and log in to see content there, even on "public" profiles like mine. Other platforms are more open, and I would think doing so would mean more ad impressions anyway. But it's clear Tsū is after users and building the network effect, so "invite only" it is for now.

Here's my profile and invite page:

Oh, and what does Tsū mean? They don't spell it out, as far as I can see, but in Japanese (if that's what they're going for), it's 通 or つう, meaning "expert."

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Still Android Curious

A consensus is building that The +OnePlus is the best Android handset out there. The latest 'This Week in Google' on +TWiT reaffirmed that view, even against the latest announcements from Google and high-end phones like the HTC One M8 and LG G3. If I were to upgrade from my Nexus 5, the OnePlus is the way I'd go.

Except, of course, they're not in mass production. And the only way to get one is via an 'invitation' or a contest like this. Hence the share (hat tip +Eeny Meany). Anyone else out there already using this device? +Burt Lum, looking to move up from the Nexus 4?

Yes, yes, I also use an iPhone 6 Plus as my daily driver… but there's stuff to love about both platforms.
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Bored by #OnePlus #InsanityWeek ? Six phones in three days is a bit of a snoozefest. Now that it’s Day 4 let’s double that and give away 12 phones in 24 hours.

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Interested in the 2014 flagship killer? A new winner will be chosen and announced every two hours so the sooner you enter, the better your chances are. Things are going to get crazy up in here. The contest for Day 4 starts today at 1.00 pm GMT (7.00 am CST) and will close on Friday, October 17 at 1.00 pm (7.00 am CST).

More info about this contest:

Revisiting Social Media on ThinkTech

Congratulations to +NEENZ FALEAFINE and +Daniel Leuck on the launch of their new talk shows on +Jay Fidell's ThinkTech Hawaii network. Both "Reaching Out" and "New Media" focused on social media for their debut episodes, Neenz interviewing +Burt Lum and +Daniel Leuck (and colleague Tzyh Ng) interviewing +Gene Park.
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Social media was the topic of the debut episodes of two new shows on the ThinkTech Hawaii network: "Reaching Out," with L.P. "Neenz" Faleafine and "New Media: The Bleeding Edge," hosted by Dan Leuck and Tzyh Ng.

ThinkTech Launches New Shows
The ThinkTech Hawaii multimedia empire, headed by Jay Fidell, is growing. In recent weeks, two new shows have been added to the network’