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The Farce Awakens

Check out +Mana Mai Tai Co.'s first official entry in the meme arena. The geek content troupe founded by +Ed White, +Dallas Nagata White, and +Gabriel Yanagihara translated the "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" teaser trailer into internet speak. From Nyan Cat to Lord of the Rings… can you catch all the references?
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Mana Mai Tai Meme Factory Launches
Going viral. It’s the internet’s top prize, like winning the online lottery, the dream of nearly every artist, media maker and markete

LOST Filming Locations Tour in Ingress

Google's +Niantic Project recently added "Missions" to its +Ingress app, and yesterday allowed some users the ability to create them. "Missions" include a combination of portals (points of interest on a map) and actions (hack, link, answer trivia) and encourage agents to visit each location and hopefully learn something interesting during the journey.

Of course, as soon as I heard of the "Missions" feature, I knew I wanted to create one that included a few signature filming locations for the TV show "LOST." Of course, a mission with over a hundred locations would be too much, and not every filming location had a portal assigned to it. But I came up with 14 that I thought were worth visiting.

Most missions tend to be clustered in one neighborhood, so this one requires more mileage and time than most. But Ingress-playing "LOST" fans (including visiting fans) who also plan to explore the island of Oahu are invited to try this mission, and of course feedback is very welcome!
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More GPS-based fun with Munzee

I'm a sucker for geolocation-based games and apps. From old-school geocaching over a decade ago, through all manner of smartphone shenanigans. Gowalla, SCVNGR, classic Foursquare, and Ingress of course… if it gets you off the couch and out into the world, I'm all for it.

I ran into an long-time geocaching friend who mentioned Munzee as yet another GPS-based activity that's been pulling cachers away. So of course I had to check it out. It seems like a pretty straight-up imitation of geocaching, with both physical and virtual points of interest to visit… but there are points, and levels, and QR codes to make "captures."

There are even 'social' Munzees that are virtual 'getting to know you' captures. No points, just a way to say we've interacted in some way. This image has my social Munzee QR code, which you can scan with the Munzee app.

Ingress very nearly swallowed me whole, so I don't think I'm going to go particularly deep into Munzee (the app and map is still pretty rudimentary), but I'm glad to find yet another thing to fire up out of curiosity when I'm out and about.
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If you can't beat Facebook, do something different

Pete Caggiano of +KITV looked at Ello and Tsū, talking to +Peter Kay and me. One says it won't sell your attention to advertisers, the other says it will… but will share the revenue.

Ello has a high-minded manifesto, but no mobile app, which is likely a death knell. Tsu has an app and is easy to use, but the revenue model can smell like an MLM. Neither is likely to dethrone Facebook, but alternatives to the behemoth network are certainly a good thing.

New social network will pay you for your posts
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Ingress Turns Two, Hawaii Still Hacking Away

Hard to believe that +Ingress has been around for two years now. And it's crazy how much the Ingress world and community has evolved in that time. I admit, I'm nowhere near as active as I was for five glorious weeks between Level 7 and Level 8, but Ingress still enjoys a spot on my phone's home screen and gets fired up whenever I'm out and about with a moment to explore.

If you're an Ingress agent, or interested in learning more, you can seek out local groups for the two factions (Resistance or Enlightened). But if you're looking to interact with all Ingress lovers, this is the Google+ community to join.

On to Year Three!

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