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Apps to Keep Your Resolutions

Making New Year's resolutions is easy, but keeping them is another matter entirely. Our last Geek Beat segment on +Hawaii News Now covered ways to keep up doing the things you want to do.

Lift (today rebranding as is a way to track daily goals, find encouragement, and get professional coaching.

RunKeeper and Fitbit help track your runs (or walks) and efforts to keep fit.

And Duolingo is a great way to learn a second language, with games, and tests for reading, writing, and speaking.

This evening brings our last Bytemarks Cafe show on Hawaii Public Radio. What were the top science and tech stories of the year, and what will be the top trends in 2015? Tune in, and call in your thoughts!

There's Now a 'Hawaii 2' in Maine

The makers of the irreverent card game +Cards Against Humanity have purchased a private island and named it 'Hawaii 2' as part of their latest holiday fundraiser. In addition to the island (which affords every fundraiser participate a deed to use a square foot of land), the project made a $250,000 donation to the +Sunlight Foundation.
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 The idea came from an earlier fundraiser where game company officials realized the amount of money they had raised “could have bought a small private island.” So for a holiday fundraising campaign, that’s exactly what they did.

Private Island Named ‘Hawaii 2′ by Game Company
Cards Against Humanity, a card game that was born out of a Kickstarter campaign in 2011, confirmed today that it has purchased a six-ac

Deborah Masako Noelani Kayatani, 1970-2014

Today would have been my cousin +DEBORAH KAYATANI's 44th birthday. She was an educator, a musician, an idealist, an activist. From a high school band director here in Hawaii to a policy advocate in D.C., she lived a colorful life. In her later years, she fought battles both out in the world, and within.

Today I'm heartened that her family could gather to say goodbye, and I'm glad that she has finally found the peace that she so needed.

Fun With a Selfie Stick

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"Selfie" was the Word of the Year last year, and it's only gotten weirder since. Although pole mounts for cameras have been around for nearly a decade (QuickPod, anyone?), "selfie sticks" for smartphones exploded in Asia a few years ago and are now everywhere.

I'm actually not a 'selfie' kind of person, notorious for hundreds of vacation photos that rarely include people, but these Bluetooth-enhanced phone holders are a lot of fun. Here are a few shots that demonstrate how easily amused I am, and how poor a front-facing cameraman I am as well.
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HBR 2014 Holiday Meeting

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Attended the Honolulu Board of Realtors' annual Holiday General Membership Meeting at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. A number of real estate professionals were recognized for their achievements, including the  2014 Aloha ‘Āina REALTOR® Awards and the HBR REALTOR® of the Year award. But most significantly, HBR CEO Rochelle Gregson announced that she was retiring in April after a decade of fierce and tireless service.
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