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I know I've been neglectful of my beloved friends here on Google+, but I've been busy blogging at +Hawaii Blog. In fact, I've written daily since the beginning of the year, more than I've written in the last two years combined. I figured I'd give it a solid go in 2015, since this year marks my fifteenth year blogging about Hawaii technology, art, culture, and more.

My latest post looks at a proposal from a Danish company to build an offshore wind energy farm. Their ocean lease application is a great read and surprisingly accessible, but I provide some of the highlights.

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Reshared post from +Hawaii Blog

As a geek, it’s hard for me to not be impressed with the sheer scale of what Alpha Wind is proposing. Given the unending and understandable resistance to placing wind farms on precious plots of land, it’s fair to say that Hawaii certainly has a lot of ocean space to spare. #windenergy   #renewableenergy   #hawaii  

Oahu Offshore Wind Farm Proposed
Hawaii is already a hotbed of renewable energy research, so perhaps it’s not unexpected to hear about a proposal to situate as many as one hundred 200-meter tall wind turbines off the coast of Oahu…

Meerkat App Review: Ludicrously Easy Livestreaming

I'm falling in love with the new Meerkat app, which combines the instant and social strengths of Twitter with the wide potential of live video. Though the implications for breaking news are compelling, Meerkat makes livestreaming so easy, you're just as likely to see and share everyday moments.
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Meerkat Makes Livestreaming Ludicrously Easy
Yesterday, I streamed live video of my drive home from work while a dozen or so people watched. It was pretty mundane, while at the same time, pretty remarkable. I was checking out a new app for iO…