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Hawaii Snapchat Directory

Snapchat is huge. Snapchat is also a confusing and sometimes frustrating app to use. Some say it's badly designed specifically to keep old people like me out. But I've still developed quite a fondness for it. The challenge? Finding other Snapchat users to follow. Sure, I can find celebrities behaving badly, but what about everyday people? What about fellow Snapchat users in Hawaii?

After starting a list of local Snapchat users just to be able to recommend them to people new to the app, I decided to just put the list online so anyone can follow local Snapchat Stories. @hisnaps on Instagram or Twitter (so far) is a Hawaii Snapchat Directory. Just point your Snapchat camera at the snapcode to add them!

Check it out! https://www.instagram.com/hisnaps/

Want to be added? Just send me your snapcode! #snapcode #snapchat #hisnaps #hawaii

Stephanie Mew is Hawaii's 2016 Teacher of the Year

Stephanie Mew of Kapunahala Elementary is Hawaii's newest "Teacher of the Year." The news was announced this afternoon at a ceremony at Washington Place, after Mew had been named the Windward District Teacher of the Year last month. The third-grade instructor has taught at the Kaneohe school for 13 years and has 26 years of professional teaching experience.

“I’m thankful for this opportunity, which has given me a chance to reflect and reaffirm why I chose to teach,” Mew said in a statement. “I feel re-energized to do my best and make a significant contribution. This recognition is shared with the entire faculty and staff, who are caring, outstanding teachers and role models.”
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Snapchat Stories of Hawaii

If you're into Snapchat, and that's mostly people younger than me, the fact that Hawaii was featured in a global 'Our Story' compilation was a big deal. People outside Hawaii seemed to love it, people in Hawaii were less impressed. I would suspect your opinion would be different if one of your submissions made the cut, however. What did you think?
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High Marks for Hang Gliding Hawaii

I was so impressed with our experience with +Eric Nakamoto of +Hang Gliding Hawaii, I insisted on "borrowing" his GoPro memory cards right away to put together a special video to document our amazing morning. My wife Jen​ got to take flight at dawn, and even Katie​ (age 17) and Zac (age 13) got a chance to fly. Six enthusiastic, windblown thumbs up!

Watch the video in HD and read my Google review here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+ryanozawa/reviews

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