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Setting Up for the Mililani Carnival

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Mililani High School hosted the Mililani Carnival, returning to the neighborhood for the first time in 20 years. The carnival ran from Friday through Sunday. The Hawaii News Now "Sunrise" morning show previewed the event on Friday morning.
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Mililani High Marching Band

Today was the annual Mililani Christmas Parade, which fortunately passes only a couple of blocks away from my house. This year, they reversed the route, moving clockwise around the neighborhood. Coming from a family of band geeks, the high point is always the Mililani High School marching band.
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Trying a Photo Sphere Constellation

Using the Photo Sphere Camera app for iOS, I took a few photospheres around the Town Center of Mililani. Then, using the Google Maps 'Views' interface, I connected them into a 'Constellation.' I'm not sure if I'm doing it right, but sure enough, you can see directional markers in the panorama viewer that can take you to the next photosphere spot when you click on them.

A suburban shopping center isn't exactly an exciting subject, but it's a start!

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Town Center of Mililani – Street View
The front promenade of the Town Center of Mililani.

The 'Ice Bucket Challenge' Hits Home

Is it an incredibly effective viral video campaign for a good cause? Or a ridiculous, vanity-driven fad? Regardless of the debate, when you're a teenager who is publicly called out by your friends, you must respond. At least, that's how my 16-year-old daughter +Katie Ozawa felt about the "Ice Bucket Challenge," spreading across Mililani High School as quickly as it's spreading across the globe.

With some help from her parents and youngest brother, she took the plunge in our driveway. And the family is still donating to the ALS Association. A fun way to cool off quick on a sunny Sunday afternoon!

For what it's worth, the ALS Association is all for it:

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First Time at Rajanee Thai Cuisine

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My wife loves Thai food. It's not my favorite. All those veggies and herbs? But after realizing that Phuket Thai is not the end-all, be-all of Thai restaurants (I admit I may have just gone in on an off night), and being introduced to Siam Garden on Nimitz Highway (thanks to my coworkers), Chiang Mai on S. King Street, and Champa Thai in Kailua, I realized I could still enjoy it.

Turns out there's a beloved Thai place in Mililani, tucked behind Jack In The Box and a dentist's office or two. Rajanee Thai Cuisine. And this cozy little spot turned out some great dishes!

Good thing we checked it out on a spontaneous date night (my brother took the kids out to a movie as a Christmas gift), as I don't think the kids would have gone for it. But we'll be back!
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